How it Works

Here’s some handy tutorial videos to show you just how simple it is to shoot, upload and edit your own 360 degree virtual tours.

How to Shoot a Virtual Tour

In this video we show you the basics of shooting your first virtual tour photos using a 360 degree camera including how and where to place the tripod in a typical house setting.

How to Upload a Virtual Tour

In this video we show you the simple procedure of uploading your virtual tour. Simply copy the photos to a folder somewhere handy on your computer (if you’re an estate agent you probably have a folder for each property containing EPC certificates, 2D photos and floor plans already), rename them to the room in which they were acptured and drag and drop them onto the uploader and save the tour.

Adding Simple Navigation

In this tutorial we show you how you can split the uploaded photos up into “categories” for simple navigation. In this way you can group rooms into floors if it’s a property tour or you can split photos into “interior” and “exterior” if it’s a tour of a car.

Linking Panoramas Together

This tutorial show you more advanced navigation using “hotspots”. Using hotspots you can add navigation in the form of arrows between panoramas to link them together. This way the end user is able to “walk” from one photo to the next.

Adding Text, Video and Lens Flares

In this tutorial we show you how to add the other types of hotspots which allow you to add text, YouTube videos and even lens flares to your tour to add more interactivity and information.